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How To Order
After you have looked at the catalog, and consulted the articles and FAQ’s, you may have questions regarding the type or gauge of string best suited to your instrument. E-mail me and I will help you to make an informed choice. Once you know what you need, you can place your order via e-mail. Please include your shipping address with your order. We need a shipping address to begin processing your order.

Payment using MC, Visa, Discover, Amex, Paypal or Venmo Various credit cards
Sending a credit card by e-mail does not seem to be any more risky than handing your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or to a cashier in a store and we have never experienced any incidence of fraud.  If however you feel you would like an extra measure of security, you can leave your phone number in an e-mail or voice mail and I will call you for the card information when your order is ready to ship.

Order with PayPal
With PayPal, we send a ‘request for funds’ when the strings have been invoiced and you simply follow the instructions. Many people are already set up to use PayPal, and I personally use it quite a bit as it is very convenient and easy to use. Just notify us when you place your order that you intend to pay via PayPal. Once the order is ready to ship we will advise you through PayPal of the amount due with shipping and you follow the payment instructions.

European customers please note that I can accept deposits in euros to various accounts in the EU. So, if MC/Visa is not possible for you, contact me and we'll work something out.

Shipping Charges
Orders are shipped using the US Postal Service.

• Domestic orders are normally shipped Priority Mail. This service includes trackable delivery and is $7.00. At our discretion we may require a signature for high value packages and/or apartment addresses.

• Express Mail service in the U.S. for arrival 2-3 days from ship date, is $30.
Please understand that purchasing a faster mail service does not in itself, place your order in front of other orders being filled. It only expedites the package once it is shipped.

• Foreign deliveries are normally sent via air mail and up to 4 oz the p-h charge is $10.00. At our discretion we may ship via Registered Air Mail to assure the security of the contents. Registered air mail averages $25.

International Express Mail service is also available. The cost for this service ranges from $50 - $70. International Express Mail normally requires full customs disclosure. To some countries, Express Mail is the only possible option due to the high incidence of mail theft

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