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updated September 23, 2015
Damian Dlugolecki enjoys an international reputation as a designer and craftsman of the highest quality gut strings for renaissance, baroque, classical and modern performance. His innovative designs are based on historical practices and methods and are sought after by many prominent artists. Included in his String Catalog is a complete selection of gut strings for the violin, viola, cello and for the viola da gamba.  Also available are custom made strings for double bass and violone and for all bowed stringed instruments. Mr. Dlugolecki combines quality with prompt efficient service aided by advanced information and delivery systems. "I don't view strings as an accessory. A bowed instrument is in essence, an amplifier of strings. And the material with which the string is made determines more than any other factor, the color and timbre of the sound. The vibration of the string produces the sound and this sound is enhanced and amplified by the instrument.
What I'm committed to is a quality of sound, and a belief that these instruments, having been designed for gut strings initially, sound best when they adhere to this tradition to some extent. The notion of progress here is an illusion. There is no progress without some consequent sacrifice of value. This is as true in the string art as it is in many areas of life."

    -- "Modern Gut Strings" an interview with Damian Dlugolecki, STRINGS magazine, August 1991.

About Damian Dlugolecki's Strings
      The gut and varnished gut strings embody an advanced string design providing an optimal balance between quickness of response and overall strength. We refer to this at times as graduated twist or "GT" configuration.
      The wound strings continue to be made with traditional materials; gut, silk and various wires. Many of the patterns are inspired by careful study of old strings in my collection. These older string styles have been largely abandoned in favor of patterns dictated by the synthetic materials in use today. Though I look backwards in time for inspiration, the strings made in this shop benefit from tightly controlled machine driven processes where consistency of quality is assured.

 Damian Dlugolecki 
520 SE 40th Street /Troutdale Oregon 97060

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Viola Viola Pomposa Tenor Viol
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Double Bass Basse de violon Violone
Piccolo Violin Lute Fret Gut
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